Cubitts x Leif Podhajsky Cloth £5.00

“Mimicking geological patterns and sedimentary layers I wanted to submerge the viewer into an unfamiliar state, which creates an overwhelming sense of depth and time. By showcasing the substance of the earth I hope we can feel more connected to it.” All proceeds will be donated to Leif’s chosen charity, Mind UK, which provides advice and support to people experiencing mental health problems.


Fantastic online service during COVID times...

Hands down the most fantastic customer service I’ve had from any company. My new glasses arrived quickly and are perfect. Until I can visit in person again, wouldn’t hesitate to order from Cubitts online again. Thanks George and Cubitts!

7 Dec 2020


Amazing service, great quality. Very impressed!

The ordering process was easy and straightforward but I felt like I could answer any questions if I needed. The communication after I ordered was great, and the delivery time was incredible. My glasses are of great quality, I love the accessories included and even the tote bag.

10 Jan 2021