We make spectacles for people to proudly wear


Our story

There are few things as individual as a pair of spectacles. While our industry has become staid and commoditised, it doesn’t need to be this way. 

We were founded to help more people live better lives through spectacles they proudly wear. 

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Our spectacles

Your face is the most beautiful canvas you have, and we believe you should frame it accordingly. 

All of our spectacles use the finest materials, and are designed so they can be serviced, repaired, and cared for - a true life companion. 

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Our stores

Each of our stores is unique, designed to reflect the individualities of its environs. 

Every store offers comprehensive eye examinations, bespoke services and on-site repairs and adjustments. 

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Our impact

We want to positively change our industry, while reducing our own impact on the world. We are doing this by: 

• Improving standards 

• Democratising fit 

• Creating a circular economy 

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