Cubitts × Camille Walala

Presenting our new cleaning cloth, designed by the inimitable Camille Walala.

Cubitts for Soho Music Month

A series of one-off frames to celebrate Soho Music Month, made in Cubitts’ workshop.

In The Workshop With Rhonda Drakeford

We spoke to Darkroom’s Rhonda Drakeford about her experience as a spectacle maker for a day.

London Lives: Cubitts

A (short) cinematic ode to Cubitts.

The Spectacle, Issue Two.

The second instalment of Cubitts very own newspaper has arrived in stores.

The Spectacles Trolley

An homage to Gerald Summers and the Makers of Simple Furniture.


A beginner’s guide to smudge-free spectacles.

Helping you master the art of lens maintenance.

Introducing the Modern Classic: Carnegie.

Herbrand’s squared-off sibling, Carnegie is the quintessential elegant frame.

From Little to Large: The Head Size Continuum

The human head is a marvellous thing.

Pia Schiele’s Spectacle Waste Stools

Turning waste acetate into wondrous furnishings.

To filter or not to filter? A guide to blue light.

Sort the useful fact from the UV fiction.

The Horween Leather Company

The tannery has been in the hands of the Horween family for five generations and over a hundred years.