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Objects by. The shop facade, by Ian Harper.

Restoring our Spitalfields Workshop to its former splendour took the skills of a master decorative artist who specialises in woodgraining and other decorative finishes.

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Cubitts x Sunspel

To mark our sunglasses collaboration, we produced a series of images chronicling the key stages of production. Left to right, by row: Riveting...

Cubitts • Sunglasses • Spectacles

Introducing our new colour, Slate

Introducing our new colour, Slate. A sharp cool hue, with a subtle chalkiness, Slate comes in high polished cellulose acetate - with a custom matte...

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Objects by. The Consultation Chair.

In need of a seating area for bespoke consultations at our King’s Cross practice, we commissioned David Ross of Superdreich to create a pair of consultation...

Cubitts • Sunglasses • Spectacles


Introducing a quadrych of frames featuring bold geometric details. Joining Cromer and Wilmington, we welcome Wharfdale and Penryn. Each with faceted browlines,...

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Objects By. Paper Sculptures.

We continue our series of eight short stories about objects at Cubitts and the makers behind them. A series of paper installations. By Lydia Kasumi...


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London and spectacles, a brief history

Following our spectacle-making workshops in May, our short documentary chronicles three centuries of spectacle making. Thanks to our friends Claire...


Penton and Taviton

As summer approaches, behold new silhouettes.

King's Cross • Spectacle Craft • Design

Spectacle making.

Last week we held our first spectacle making workshops, as part of London Craft Week. The workshops gave an introduction to the craftsmanship that goes...

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Continuing our reinterpretation of silhouettes from mid century France, Cromer has a sharp faceted brow, and oversized keyhole bridge. Cromer comes...


Objects by. The Mug.

Objects by. A series of eight short stories about objects at Cubitts and the makers behind them. Captured by George Baxter. The Mug. By Charles Wu. In...

Cubitts • Sunglasses

Cubitts x Sunspel

Cubitts x Sunspel Our first sunglasses collaboration with fellow British brand, Sunspel.