A beginner’s guide to smudge-free spectacles.

A beginner’s guide to smudge-free spectacles.

To the novice spectacle wearer, the quest for a thumb-print free lens can seem an unending one.

Here, we help you master the art of lens maintenance.

Step One

Apply a few squirts of Cubitts Lens Cleaner to a microfibre cleaning cloth.

Step Two

Wipe the cloth gently over the surface, paying particular attention to any greasy marks. Whatever you do, do not succumb to the siren call of the shirt sleeve. Clothes can carry minuscule grains of dirt and grit that can scratch your lenses, which is slightly more inconvenient than the smudge you were hoping to remove.

Step Three

Use the lens cleaner and a cleaning cloth to remove any residual dirt that’s hanging around the sides and nose pads of your frame.

Step Four

Admire your handiwork. Return to your face.

After a while, you may find your frames need a deeper clean. When they do, bring them into our King’s Cross Repairs Shop for a luxurious ultrasonic bath, a polish, and our refitting service.