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The Horween Leather Company

The tannery has been in the hands of the Horween family for five generations and over a hundred years.


Awning, Thrice

London-based painter George Little has created a new piece exclusively for our latest cleaning cloth.

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Cubitts X Becky Allen

Introducing our new artist in residence collaboration with Becky Allen, an artist who specialises in beautifully intricate drawings, based on repetition.

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Turning your spectacles into sunglasses, like water into wine. The perfect Spring accoutrement to Ampton, Bingfield, Cartwright, Crestfield, Herbrand...



Our first artist-in-residence of 2017: legendary illustrator, Brian Grimwood.

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Our new batch of leather cases.

Made by hand at our small central London workshop, using the finest leather sourced from the Horween tanneries of Chicago. Each case is lined with suede...


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We've made a small run of new Horween leather cases

We’ve made a small run of new leather cases.Cut from Horween leather with a rather lovely grain, the cases are made by hand at our workshop in London.There’s...

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The Cable End

The Cable End.An optional ‘curl’ side, in brushed gold or matte silver, for Bingfield and Ossulston. Ideal for those with a particularly active or unruly...

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Bingfield, Ossulston, and concrete

Bingfield, Ossulston, and an equally beautiful polished concrete floor.

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We got a carried away and made some more leather cases

We got a carried away and made some more leather cases, to sit alongside our tan leather slipcase.Handmade in our small workshop in London, they’re constructed...