Cubitts × Daniel Weil

Cubitts × Daniel Weil

Architect and industrial designer Daniel Weil joined illustrious design firm Pentagram in 1992, where his impressive roster of clients included Lego, Krug Champagne and Coca Cola. His designs include the World Championship Chess set and he is the author and illustrator of Chess of Earth, a pre-school story chess experience. Cubitts were thrilled to get a chance to work with Weil, who designed our wonderful new spectacle pouch. Here, Weil tells us how the project came to be.

“On learning about Cubitts’ uniqueness, a London based industrial craft company with skilled people that make long-lasting spectacles with a hinge system that makes them repairable, it struck me that the approach to the so-called glasses case did not need to be the same as those from other manufacturers that ship by volume, putting spectacles in a hard shells for their transportation convenience and then relying on the owner to accommodate this idiosyncrasy by finding room in their lifestyle.

The first part was to set myself a brief, that delivered on the unique culture of Cubitts of making and repairing. The second part was to build on the culture of spectacles and the two T’s in Cubitts that shared in the fundamental symmetry of the human face. The notion of a simple mask led me to make a rectangular piece of card with a cut-out for the nose that was the beginning of a paper-folding exercise that led me to a nearly no-waste approach. This wrap-around pouch is designed to fit and meet this long-lasting aim to consume consciously with more responsibility.

The creative exercise is always invested in my mind with the objective of conscious responsibility. I don’t consider this restrictive for creativity as it shines a light on opportunities. This is not a hard case shell but the Cubitts spectacle pouch.”

Daniel Weil, designer

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