Cubitts × Jeremy Deller

Cubitts × Jeremy Deller

We’ve teamed up with Turner Prize award winner Jeremy Deller to create our newest limited edition cleaning cloth and support the Copenhagen Youth Project.

The cloth features Deller’s artwork entitled The sky above Avebury Wiltshire. The photograph was taken during lockdown at the Avebury stones, “at a time when many found themselves taking in their surroundings and enjoying what they had to hand.”

Re-emerging from a time that’s been difficult for so many, this summer we’ll all be working on building a greater appreciation of the natural beauty close to home. As Oscar Wilde almost said, “we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the skies.”

All proceeds from the sales of the cloths will be donated to the nearby Copenhagen Youth Project, a King’s Cross based charity who support disadvantaged young people through learning and personal development.

The Cubitts × Jeremy Deller cloths are now available to buy from Cubitts.com and all stores, when you’ll be able to take the sky above Avebury wherever you go.