Cubitts × Phoebe English

Cubitts × Phoebe English

The south London-based Ms. English founded her eponymous label but one year before Cubitts was born, creating garments that are made in England from the very first sketch to the very last stitch.

This season, we collaborated with the brand on two very special pairs of sunglasses, created from our acetate offcuts, which would ordinarily have come to the end of their useful lives.

Each frame is entirely unique, patched together from odds-and-ends in a nod to her collection’s focus on being a part of the solution to fashion’s big problem: waste.

In her own words, ‘How we work and what we do and what we have, matters. Everything we have, everything we own, has to come from somewhere and eventually, it has to go somewhere. We are just the middle men. What are we going to do with that?’

Read more about Phoebe English here.

Runway photography by Asia Werbel.