Fantastic Frames and Where to Find Them

Fantastic Frames and Where to Find Them

When searching for optical inspiration, you could do worse than to look to Hollywood. The movies are a veritable feast of frames. Below, we list just a few of our favourites.

Eyes Wide Shut, Alice Harford

Sleek, slender and seductive, yes we’re talking about Nicole Kidman’s oval spectacles. Those looking to recreate the look should opt for Burton, our modern take on this classic 1930s silhouette.

Léon: The Professional, Léon Montana

Embody New York assassin chic with a quartz-coloured round-eye frame. We offer round-eyes a-plenty, but Agar or Percy will get you closest to Léon’s signature style.

The Royal Tenenbaums, Richie Tenenbaum

Chunky acetate aviator + striped headband = instant Wes Anderson fancy dress for the lazy partygoer. Choose from our Killick or Penton silhouettes for an instant Tenenbaum transformation, and don’t forget to request those custom brown tinted lenses with your order.

Desperately Seeking Susan, Susan Thomas

Madonna’s film debut was a masterclass in how to wear a cat-eye. If you’re looking for something similarly angular, our Camley frame is an excellent place to start.

Django Unchained, Django Freeman

Look, there is nothing we (or anyone else) can sell you that will make you look as good as Jamie Foxx, but a set of spectacles and clip-on sunglasses will certainly get you closer than most.