From Little to Large: The Head Size Continuum

From Little to Large: The Head Size Continuum

The human head is a marvellous thing. It contains our brains, carries our most recognisable features, and holds the keys to eating, breathing, and seeing.

And yet, it is the cause of the most common complaint we hear from customers. None of you, it seems, are content with the size of your cranium.

What is interesting is the disparity between an (apparently) small head and a large one. What may, to the human eye, appear to be two wildly different head sizes will most likely be barely a couple of inches apart.

But, when it comes to spectacles, those inches make all the difference. Which is why we make frames in a range of sizes, from the width of the front to the height of the bridge.

And it’s also why we’re proud to announce that Judd is now available in Small, Regular, and Large. Truly, a Judd for all seasons, and head shapes.

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