Glasses for Large Heads

Glasses for Large Heads

Glasses frames once came in a plethora of sizes. But in the relentless pursuit for saving costs, choice has increasingly become a ‘one sized fits all’ solution. So if your magnificent head happens to be larger or smaller than average, you tend to have a limited range of options.

That, thankfully, is no more. We’ve introduced up to five sizes in our styles, from the Lillipution to the Blefuscucian. If you are blessed with a big head (and a larger brain to match), we have some highlights below.

Frame sizing can be confusing, and the small numbers on the inside temple (measurements in millimeters), don’t take account of overall frame design.

We think the easiest way is to think about overall width – either the full frame width (from edge to edge), or the lens to lens width.

We treat any spectacles with a frame width of over 145mm as Large, and anything over 150mm as Extra Large.

Introducing Hemingford L and XL (148 and 154mm respectively), our newest frame specifically designed with the larger head in mind. Not only is it huge, but the shape has been designed to complement your statuesque features. The angular shape gives conspicuous structure to your face, and the slim temples draw attention to your beauty rather than size.

If Hemingford's not your look, we've arranged our widest frames from biggest to slightly less big below for your big-headed browsing pleasure.

Judd L - 153mm | Heathcote L - 148mm

Carnegie XL - 147mm | Killick L - 147mm

Attneave L - 146mm | Herbrand XL - 144mm