In The Frame: Camille Walala

In The Frame: Camille Walala

Camille Walala is a French-born, East London-based artist whose vivid, geometric artworks bring life and colour wherever they go (and they go far - from her Hackney neighbourhood to Brooklyn and Mauritius).

Walala graciously designed our prismatic new charity cleaning cloth, in aid of the incredibly worthy End Youth Homelessness.

Why did you choose to give the proceeds of your cloth to End Youth Homelessness? 

Most of us take for granted having a place to sleep and a home – it is a given that after a long day we can go home to somewhere safe and warm – but for 103,000 young people that isn't the case. This is an astonishing number. And even worse, before End Youth Homelessness (EYH) was set up there was no national organisation helping homeless young people. The work EYH charities do in providing support with housing, health, work and prevention is absolutely vital and helps ensure that vulnerable young people are given a fair chance at life. I am keen to help them in anyway I can – the proceeds from this cloth will hopefully provide a meaningful boost towards their activity. 

Your works are about as colourful as they come. If you could only work with one colour for the rest of your life what would it be? And, more importantly, why? 

It would have to be Majorelle Blue – the outside of Yves saint Laurent's house in Morocco is painted this colour and it's so powerful and full of vibrancy that it almost brings me to tears. 

If you could paint any building in the world Walala-style, which would it be? 

 I love adding colour and pattern to all the grey and concrete in a city – I always strive to bring a sense of joy through my work and I like the idea of making a small difference to people's lives. I often walk past De Beauvoir estate and I always think that it could do with a bit of love and would make a great canvas.

You’ve made London your home. What’s your favourite thing about it? Which spots still make your heart sing when you stroll through them? 

I love my neighbourhood (Hackney), where I live and work. It feels like a small village – I pretty much walk or bike everywhere. We are lucky in London to have so many beautiful parks as well. Most mornings I walk through Victoria Park with my partner – we always stop and have a coffee at the Pavilion Cafe. I love this ritual. Starting the day walking in nature sets you up so well for the day.

See Camille Walala’s cloth here or find out more about End Youth Homelessness’ work here.