Introducing Cubitts Sun

Introducing Cubitts Sun

With modelled campaigns a distant memory, we turned to our (conveniently good looking) team to debut our new collection, Cubitts Sun.

While our new found models were working it from home, we took the opportunity to ask them about the one thing they’re most looking forward to after this Hellish reality ends. Ranging from the bizarre to the beautiful, the answers have got us all excited for summer (if it ever comes).

My personal light at the end of the tunnel, is quite literally the sun. I'm pining for a day sprawled out with my mates in a sun soaked Victoria Park.

Toby, Covent Garden

I can't wait to sit in a park with some beers on a nice sunny day and go to a good restaurant after!!!

Aria, Fitzrovia

Nothing beats catching up with my friends and family in person and giving them the tightest, massive hug.

P.s. I am creating a very long list of places to go and things to do...

Andrea, Fitzrovia

The thing I'm most looking forward to is finding the biggest bowl of ramen and pretending I'm slurping it down in a tiny Tokyo eatery as I was supposed to do on the trip I missed. Fake it till you make it.

Nidal, Fitzrovia

Can’t wait to miss my bus every morning and have an excuse to get a coffee while I wait for the next one.

Abi, HQ

There are way too many things I am looking forward to once this lockdown will be over, but I really can't wait to finally take photos of all the beautiful people and surroundings around me.

Marta, Fitzrovia

Wearing sunglasses just big enough to cover all the future hangovers after lockdown.

Emilie, Soho

I’m most looking forward to popping to the offy without having to queue outside.

Jake, Soho

I miss hearing 'can I take your order, please?' in my favourite restaurant.

Jodi, Borough

For me I just can’t wait to get to the end of lockdown so that I can get away to the coast and see my family, fed up of #staycation.

Jon, Spitalfields

When this is over I’m most looking forward to going outside and wearing pretty shoes!!

Julia, Spitalfields

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