Practise Safe Specs

Practise Safe Specs
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You may have washed your hands and wiped down your phone more times than you can count, but don't forget what's sitting on the end of your nose. Keep your spectacles and sunglasses squeaky clean by following these five simple steps. 

1. Squirt a little household soap onto your spectacles. The kind you use to wash your hands will do.

2. Rub soap into the frame, and make sure it reaches every corner and crevice.

3. Rinse the soap off thoroughly using warm water.

4. Dry the frame with a microfibre cleaning cloth (ones that double up as artwork are particularly good). Do not use your shirt, kitchen roll, or other random fabrics you have to hand. They may scratch your lenses.

5. Return the sparkling frame to your filthy face. Repeat at frequent intervals throughout the day.

Stay safe, clean, and sanitised out there. And if you have any questions, just drop us a line. We're here to help.