The Algha Works

The Algha Works
Cubitts Bespoke

In darkest Hackney, peering inconspicuously out of the sea of industrial buildings that make up Fish Island, sits the Algha Works. Originally founded under the name Max Wiseman & Co in 1898, they specialise in hand-making rolled gold spectacles.

Before Cubitts opened our workshop in King’s Cross, the Algha Works was the last remaining handmade spectacle factory in the country. Still using the same machinery that has been powering away within their walls for over one hundred years, the skilled Algha workers continue to ‘goldfill’ spectacles to this day.

The process of ‘goldfilling’- creating a rolled gold frame - consists of coating the frame with a sleeve of gold which is highly resistant to corrosion. Cheaper and lighter than solid gold, and longer lasting than gold plating, this particular technique is perfect for creating the most premium of gold spectacles. We’re extremely proud to be the only brand that work with Algha, and even prouder to be joining them in the preservation of one of the country’s long-forgotten crafts.

Algha for Cubitts 18 karat rolled gold frames are available as part of our made-to-measure service at Cubitts St James's. Choose from 89,000 combinations of eye shapes, bridge types, and temples, with optional filigree or Windsor Rim.

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