The City Collection

The City Collection

In honour of our new store, we’ve created four exclusive made-to-measure frames available solely from Cubitts City.

The City Collection takes its design cues from the geography, architecture, and history of the local area, from the Barbican Estate to the former NatWest Tower.

The Beech is named after Beech Street, or Bechestrete as it was written when it was first named in the 13th century, which runs underneath the Barbican Estate. Like much of Cubitts City, the frame looks to the curving architecture of the famous brutalist estate, with paddle temples that continue the smooth shaping from the front through to the sides.

In a nod to the Cubitts City site’s previous life as a saddlery shop, the Fore frame’s square silhouette is inspired by the shape of a stirrup. Fittingly, it features a classic saddle bridge, with slender rims and temple sides that compliment its not insubstantial depth.

Formerly home to the London Stock Exchange, Throgmorton Street is named after one Nicholas Throckmorton, chief banker of England in the reign of Elizabeth I. For this financial powerhouse, the frame design takes cues from the spectacles of Richard Seifert, who designed the NatWest Tower (now Tower 42) which Throgmorton Street weaves its way through the city towards.

The Walbrook is named after Walbrook Street, which is in turn named after the stream. The stream’s name references the Anglo Saxon word ‘wealh’, meaning ‘foreigner’. The Walbrook frame’s silhouette is a squared-off, classic shape with tapered temples and blunt tips that parallel the angular front.

Cubitts City is located at 118 London Wall. For store hours, visit our stores page here.