The Horween Leather Company

The Horween Leather Company

When hunting for the perfect leather with which to make our handmade cases, we discovered the Horween Leather Company in Chicago, Illinois.

Founded in 1905, the tannery has been in the hands of the Horween family for five generations and over a hundred years, with a manifesto we can wholeheartedly get behind.

Making the best means doing lots of little things right. It means never mistaking fastest or cheapest with the best. It means always using formulas that do not cut corners, and choosing components strictly for their quality.

Horween Leather Company

We use their Chromexcel leather to make our new, limited edition Brunswick cases, a ‘combination tanned leather’ that Horween have been making since at least 1913. To make it, the tannery goes through 89 separate processes over 28 days across all 5 floors of their factory, including ‘hot stuffing’ the hides with oils, waxes, and greases to give them the leather its supple lightness.

Our Black and Oxblood cases come from Horween too, while our Tan, Navy Blue, and Grey cases come from the equally exceptional Tempesti tannery in Italy, which has been naturally tanning leather since 1945 and is currently being run by the fourth generation of the Tempesti family.

Like all of our optical children, we love them equally, of course.

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