Thumbs Up: Our Five Favourite Works from David Shrigley OBE

Thumbs Up: Our Five Favourite Works from David Shrigley OBE

Turner Prize nominee David Shrigley OBE has long been admired by us at Cubitts for his absurd and mordant takes on the mundane. Here, we select a few of our (many) Shrigley favourites for your viewing pleasure.

Really Good, Fourth Plinth, 2016. Image via David Shrigley's Instagram.

A colossal, disproportionate, and defiant thumb, protruding from the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square. This ludicrous thumbs up amidst London’s grey, rain-splattered, chewing gum-streaked streets almost makes you proud to be British (and it takes a lot these days).

Ding Dong, David Shrigley’s Instagram, 2018

Justice for witches. That is all.

Untitled, Royal Academy of Arts, 2018. Image by David Parry, via the Royal Academy of Arts.

News: this is much more fun to read than the incessant reminders that we’re destroying our planet, the next World War is imminent, and idiots with Twitter accounts are still in power.

Exhibition of Giant Inflatable Swan-things, Spritmuseum, 2018. Image via Spritmuseum's Instagram

Pretty much what it says on the tin. Giant, inflatable swan-things, with cartoon smiley faces in place of heads and beaks, set to inflate and deflate in succession over the course of twelve minutes. Beautiful, in a bizarre kind of way.

Untitled, David Shrigley’s Instagram, 2020

There are two types of people in the world: those that quietly mutter this to themselves as they prepare for the monotony of their miserable lives, and liars.