Welcome, Cedar.

Welcome, Cedar.
Sunglasses, Spectacles

For the design of our archetypal 1970s panto silhouette, Cedar, we looked to the spectacle designers’ bible: the Principles and Practice of Optical Dispensing and Fitting (Third Edition) by L. S. Sasieni. 

This weighty tome is revered in Cubitts HQ, stacked full as it is with fascinating chapters such as 4.19 - Earjoy rule and 5.1.3 - The squinting patient.

In Chapter 7 - Functional Dispensing, Sasieni describes the phenomenon of ‘vocational dispensing’. This is the practice of dispensing spectacles based on ‘the distance from the eyes of the object being seen’. Sasieni argues that ‘The man who has a professional job, plays tennis or golf and attends social or formal functions - often perhaps in evening dress - will obviously not be fully equipped for all these activities with only one pair of glasses.’ Obviously.

‘For his work he needs a frame which is ‘business-like’ and comfortable; for sport he will require a large field of view and complete security; for the social occasions he needs glasses which are more formal and will be a suitable accompaniment to a dress suit.’

We concluded Cedar should be a frame for business - a strong, classic silhouette for every métier - with thickset rims and tapered temples for extra comfort.

Despite the ‘rule’ against round frames and round faces, Cedar’s versatile shape means it suits most faces. Its deep lenses can elongate shorter heads and make it a wonderful option for varifocals. And, of course, the good thing about a big lens is it always makes for an exceptional sunglass too.

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