Welcome, Cubitts City.

Welcome, Cubitts City.

We’re celebrating the official opening of our tenth store, Cubitts City.

Located along the site of the original Roman city wall, Cubitts City takes design inspiration from both the arch of the original ‘Moore Gate’, which gave the area its name, and the long, lean curves of the nearby Barbican Estate’s modernist architecture.

These curving lines are reflected in the store’s rounded mirrors and sweeping, open shelving, while the point of sale takes its design cues from traditional saddler’s tables - a nod to the site’s heritage as a saddle makers.

The colour palette, the rough, bare brick flooring, and then plentiful plants reference the colours and materials of the Barbican Estate, with modern, muted tones peering out from behind green fronds in terracotta pots.

Cubitts City is open Monday to Friday, from 8am to 7pm. The store offers thorough eye examinations, our full range of spectacles, sunglasses and accessories, frame adjustments and repairs, and an exclusive made-to-measure collection inspired by the area’s rich history.