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All of our frames are handmade by highly skilled spectacle makers, using hand operated tools and specialist optical machinery. 

Whether the frames are ready to wear or bespoke, we use the same materials and the same processes, and hold them to the same high standards of quality. 

Every one of our frames is made individually. We use human-operated machines for precision stages and do everything else with hand-controlled tools to ensure quality and consistency.   

Our frames are £125 as standard. You can choose the frame in the colour of your choosing, subject to availability, and opt to have the frame as a sunglass if you choose. 

We offer a range of services. Please see our price list here


We offer a guarantee against any product fault for two years after the day of purchase. Should your frames need attention outside that period, or if the damage is self-inflicted, get in touch and we'll do our best to advise and help

What is covered under the warranty?

The following faults are covered under warranty:

  • Loose hinges where the pin or weld has failed
  • Detached Windsor rims
  • Lens coating failure
  • Loose temple parts
  • Discoloured acetate
  • Plating failure
  • Missing parts: nose pads, screws
  • Internal rust on core or rim

Things that are not considered product faults, and therefore are not covered under warranty are:

  • Scratched lenses
  • Snapped hinges
  • Snapped frame material
  • Scratched frames
  • Any other general wear and tear

Do I have to register my spectacles for warranty cover?

You do not have to register your cover. From your order number or email address, we will have your details covered. 

How do I make a warranty claim?

If your product fault is covered under our warranty cover, please contact our customer service team who will be able to assist. You can also submit a request via the request form here.

Does my warranty restart when I receive a replacement product?

No, the warranty starts from the date of your original purchase. 


Call us old fashioned, but we take pride in adjusting and fixing spectacles - whether polishing a frame to bring back the glorious lustre, resetting or adjusting it for fit, or re-pinning a hinge. If you're in need of a repair, email us at and we'll advise on the options. We offer four levels of repair - complimentary, £25, £50 and £75 - depending on the complexity.

I'm not sure if my frame will require repair or just an adjustment. Can I send the frame to you to check?

Absolutely. If you send us further details and photos of the frame, we can check for you.

How long will my repair take?

The average turnaround for standard repairs is 2 to 3 working days from when we receive the frame. If our workshop advises the repair will take longer on closer inspection, we'll be in touch with an update.

My frame is a few years old and has since been discontinued. Can you still provide replacement parts?

If your damaged frame is no longer available, please contact directly and our customer service team can advise further.

My lenses are also scratched. Can these be replaced?

We can provide replacement prescription lenses for your frame from £50 (and non-prescription lenses for £25). This is also called reglazing. If you would like to send us a photo of your most recent prescription (including the date of the eye exam, the recall period and the signature of the optometrist) via please, we can provide a quote and turnaround time.

Can you repair a Bespoke or Bespoke+ frame?

Absolutely. For bespoke repairs, please contact and our team will be happy to advise further.

Can you repair a non-Cubitts frame?

As our workshop team use tools exclusively designed for our Cubitts frames, we are unable to provide repair for non-Cubitts frames. We would recommend contacting whichever company you originally bought the frame from.

Frame rehab

On the one-year anniversary of your frames, we will invite you in for a complimentary frame rehab. During your frame rehab we will: remove the lenses and clean them, polish the frame, tighten screws and check hinges, deep clean in an ultrasonic bath, and re-adjust the frame to ensure the fit is still comfortable when you come in for collection.

My frame is broken, is this a repair service?

No. If your frames are broken, please contact with a photograph of the damage and our Customer Service team will be able to advise further on the cost of the necessary repairs.

How will I be told about this service?

After you have had your frames for one year, we will send you an email to offer you a complimentary frame service. If you simply can't wait, you can visit any of our stores and purchase a service for £15.

Do I need to book?

No, there is no need to book. You can pop into any of our locations for a 3-5 business day service. 

Once I receive the email, how long do I have to redeem the service?

You have thirty days from the date of the email to redeem the service. 

I don't live near a store. Can I use the service?

If you are in the UK, please contact our Customer Service team ( who will send you a free Collect+ label. Your nearest Collect+ drop-off locations can be found by entering your postcode here. Once your frame is ready, we will post this back to you with tracking information.

For customers outside the UK, we're unable to provide this service. If you find yourself near one of our stores, we're happy to arrange a frame rehab while you're visiting. 

As we grow we hope to be able to extend the service further. When this happens, we’ll be in touch with our international customers with more details.

How long does a frame service take?

If you would like to drop your frame off in store, there will be a 3 to 5 working day turnaround on frame services.

Please allow up to 7 working days for frames posted to HQ via Royal Mail. 

How will I know when my frame is ready for collection?

You will receive an email when your frame is ready to collect from your chosen store. If you sent your frames to us via our Collect+ service, you will receive a tracking confirmation email to inform you that your frame is on its way back to you.

I have older frames, can I use the service for these?

Owners of frames over two years old can take advantage of the service for £15.

Can I bring all my frames in at once for a complimentary service?

If you have more than one frame eligible for a service, you can bring them in at the same time and we will try our best to have these completed simultaneously.

I’ve had my frame for less than a year. Can I use the service early?

If you think that your frame needs a little TLC before your first year, please pop into your local store or contact We can take a look and perform any necessary servicing under warranty. If your frame needs to be repaired, we will advise you of what needs to be done and what the cost will be.

If my lens is scratched, will this be fixed during the service?

If your lens is scratched, we’ll need to replace the lenses completely. Please contact Customer Service who will be able to advise further. Prices start from £50 for prescription lenses. 

Can I have a frame service for a pair of non-Cubitts frames?

We offer this service to Cubitts customers only, and unfortunately we are not able to perform it on non-Cubitts frames. 

Other services

What are the different lens add-ons?

In addition to the our standard lenses, we offer:  

Colour lens tint - £25 for non-prescription, £50 for prescription

Blue filter lens - £50

Polarised lenses (excluding 1.74) - £50

Eyezen - £150

Transition lenses - £100

Can I have nosepads added to my frames?

Yes, our nose pad additions are free of charge. 

How much does it cost to have my lenses reglazed?

Non-prescription lens change - £25 

Lens change 1.5 index - £50

Lens change 1.67 index - £75

Lens change 1.74 index - £100

Sunglass lens change 1.5/1.6 index - £50

Sunglass lens change 1.6 index - £75

Sunglass lens change 1.67 index (excluding 1.74) - £100

Do you accept any vouchers?

All of our stores accept Edenred Eyecare vouchers. We do not accept NHS vouchers or any other voucher scheme.

Can I get an invoice for my insurance claim?

Absolutely. Just log in to your account online. From there you can download or print a full VAT invoice for your order. 


What is the difference between Bespoke and Bespoke+?

Our Bespoke service allows you to recreate any Cubitts frame to your exact facial measurements using our new face-scanning technology, TUPLE. Bespoke+ allows you to design the frame of your wildest dreams from scratch over the course of two private consultations with our Head of Studio.

Bespoke Bespoke+



Price on request

Type of design

Existing Cubitts style

Brand new style

Booking required



Eye examination included



Measurements taken

14, to submillimetre precision

14, to submillimetre precision

Material choices

140 acetate colours and patterns, genuine water buffalo horn (+£200)

300+ acetate colours and patterns, genuine water buffalo horn (+£200)

Design consultations



Lead time

4 weeks

Design phase is typically 4-6 weeks, then 4 weeks from approved design

Lenses included

Yes - 1.5/1.6 single vision or sun

Yes - 1.5/1.6 single vision or sun

Case included

Monogrammed handmade leather case

Monogrammed handmade leather case

Personal engraving



Perfect fit guaranteed



Do I need an appointment?

You do not need an appointment to create a Bespoke frame, and can place a Bespoke order in any of our stores. Bespoke+ appointments must be booked in advance, and are limited to strictly fifty a year. Email for more information and to book an appointment for your first consultation.

How much does a Bespoke pair of spectacles or sunglasses cost?

Our Bespoke service costs £325, including frame, single vision or sunglasses lenses, a cleaning cloth and leather case (with optional monogramming). Bespoke+ is priced depending on the complexities of each individual design. For a quote or more information, please email us at

Can I have my favourite frame re-made?

A reorder of an existing Bespoke+ frame is priced at £325. The price for a non-Cubitts frame remake depends on the amount of design work needed. To find out more, email

How much does genuine buffalo horn cost?

To have your frames made from our sustainably-sourced water buffalo horn, there is an additional £200 supplement.

Will I have to pay a deposit?

For Bespoke, full payment is taken when the order is placed. Bespoke+ requires a deposit of £200.

Where are the Bespoke spectacles made?

All of our Bespoke spectacles are handmade exclusively by one of our master craftsmen, using traditional techniques, in our studio in King’s Cross, London.

Can you make spectacles in metal?

At present we only work with acetate and horn in our studio.

What colours do you have available?

We have 140 acetate colours and patterns, plus genuine water buffalo horn, available through our Bespoke service. Bespoke+ clients can choose from these, plus an additional 170 archive acetate colours, only available at the Cubitts Studio in King’s Cross, London.

What if my frame doesn’t fit perfectly?

We’re confident that your frame will fit you perfectly on the first try. If you find your frame does not fit as expected as a result of our measurements, we will be happy to provide a remake with revised measurements at no additional cost.

Can I return Bespoke frames?

Due to the custom nature of Bespoke, we are unable to offer refunds. However, if your frame does not fit correctly as a result of our measurements, we will be happy to remake the frames until the fit is perfect.