Design your dream frame, fitted to your exact facial measurements, to be made by hand in our King's Cross workshop.


The Process

We'll create a completely unique pair of spectacles or sunglasses, designed to fit your exact measurements, colour choice, and aesthetic specifications, over a period of ten to twelve weeks in our King's Cross workshop. Prices start at £725, depending on the complexity of the piece, and include a monogrammed leather case.

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Step One: Consultation

During the first consultation, we take your facial measurements and work with you to develop the design. We typically create three silhouettes to prototype. 


Step Two: Prototype

During the second consultation, we review the prototypes and help you to select your frame material from a wide range of acetate colours and patterns, or ethically-sourced water buffalo horn. 


Step Three: Craft

Once we have confirmed the final design, we begin making your frames by hand in our King's Cross workshop. This is a meticulous and highly-skilled process, and takes around ten to twelve weeks. 

Cubitts WATCH

The Archives

Over the years we've catered to every desire (and every face shape) imaginable. Here are a few of our favourites. 

Two Pennies

Our take on a classic pair of reading spectacles, with a distinctively arched bridge and elongated lugs. A true small round.


Statement Spectacles

Statement frames for designer Tom Dixon: an angled lens shape, flat bridge, and oversized 'earjoy' temples, in our Quartz acetate.


Citrus Modern

A smooth shape in a kick of colour, this rounded frame is complete with a classic saddle bridge for a perfect balance of old and new.


Paddle Sunglasses

This enormous fellow is almost 160mm wide, and constructed from 8mm thick vintage acetate. A true one-off, and quite the beast.


Uptown, Upswept

A truly ladylike frame, this refined cat-eye shape is made from marmalade-coloured, turtleshell-patterned acetate.


Side Shields

Our first pair of spectacles with built-in side shields, using multi-layered, laminated acetate for a distinct profile view. 


Celebrating A-Symmetry

We created this frame for Mirja Pitkaart, a designer whose work eschews symmetry to challenge the traditional notions of beauty.


For One Eye Only

An experimental (half) frame made in genuine buffalo horn, boasting an undisrupted line from bridge end to temple tip.


Stone Cut

Faceted and pearlescent, this is a bold pair of spectacles feature a geometric outer rim in a gemstone-like acetate.


A One-of-a-kind Gift

For the person who has everything. Choose either an e-gift card or physical gift card package for £725.

Gift bespoke

Bespoke vs Made-to-Measure

Cubitts Bespoke allows you to create a style completely from scratch, whereas Made-to-Measure recreates existing styles - Cubitts or not - in your exact facial measurements. Looking for Made-to-Measure instead?

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