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Cubitts in Conversation: Nick Goldfinger

We talk to the furniture maker about growing up in the first family of Modernism.

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Modern Art is Rubbish

From Picasso and Duchamp to Emin and Hirst.

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From Blade to Boz

We delve into the history of our first blade side silhouette and the street from which it takes its name.

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Through the Lens: Notting Hill

Exploring the oft-overlooked delights of our new neighbourhood.

Sunglasses • Spectacles • History

Super Supras

The story behind Cubitts’ first supra silhouette.

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A Short History of the Sundial

In honour of Cubitts Covent Garden and its sundial-inspired interiors.


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Five Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Liberty London

In honour of the Liberty Cromer, we’ve compiled our favourite facts about the department store.

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The Spectacles Trolley

An homage to Gerald Summers and the Makers of Simple Furniture.

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Bauhaus in Britain

We explore the indelible footprint it has left on London and the enduring relevance of the Modernist Movement.


Behind King's Cross sits the Maiden Lane Estate

Behind King’s Cross sits the Maiden Lane Estate, a brutalist housing development penned in between several railways lines and York Way.It sits on a sloping...