Awning, Thrice

Awning, Thrice

George Little, the Anglo-Danish painter and Royal College of Art graduate, has created a new piece exclusively for our latest cleaning cloth.

Growing up in the kitchens of Soho, surrounded by London's vibrant restaurant scene, his work is inspired by the aesthetic links between restaurants and nostalgia.

Little may have been shown widely across Europe, the US, and the UK, but for this piece he took his inspiration from somewhere a little closer to home: the multitude of cafes he found as he wandered the streets of our neck of the woods, King’s Cross.

‘Their dilapidated window fronts, signboards and linoleum table tops act as sites of refuge and familiarity. Often noticeable by the red and white awnings that shade the facade, these sites have a universal cultural presence and are part of the grain of the city.’

Little takes the cafes’ awnings, with their bowing and billowing shapes, and thick, colourful stripes, as the starting point for the print.

Awning, Thrice will be available on Cubitts’ cleaning cloths in store and online for the next six months, with all proceeds going to Scope, a charity which works to change attitudes and gain equality for disabled people. 

The cloth comes in two sizes - standard, and a wonderful larger version - which just happen to make rather good Christmas gifts too.

See the cloth, both little and large.


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