Black Friday: Cubitts × Robert Montgomery

Black Friday: Cubitts × Robert Montgomery

This Black Friday, we’ve decided that if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

But we’re not dropping our prices. We’re upping them.

This year we’re selling a limited edition oversized cleaning cloth, featuring an original artwork by internationally renowned artist Robert Montgomery. Rather than selling it at our usual £10 price point, we’re selling it at anywhere between £10 and £100, whatever amount you choose to donate, with all proceeds from cloth sales going to a charity close to Robert’s heart: the Royal Society for Blind Children.

A limited run of 200 cloths have been made, in honour of the tireless work the RSBC have done over the last two centuries to help blind and partially sighted children across England and Wales.

Robert Montgomery is an internationally renowned artist, known for his diverse text-based works on mediums ranging from watercolours to fire poems. His piece, ‘Wall mural, The Crystal Ship, Ostend, 2016.’, is featured on this limited edition cleaning cloth.

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