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Cubitts in Conversation: Nick Goldfinger

We talk to the furniture maker about growing up in the first family of Modernism.

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The City Collection

Four exclusive made-to-measure frames, available exclusively at Cubitts City.

Sunglasses • Spectacles • History

From Blade to Boz

We delve into the history of our first blade side silhouette and the street from which it takes its name.

Sunglasses • Spectacles • Workshop

Bubalus Bubalis: Cubitts Horn

Everything you need to know about the traditional spectacle making material.

Spectacles • Bespoke • Stores

The Notting Hill Collection

Explore the four new made-to-measure silhouettes, available exclusively at our new Notting Hill store.


Sunglasses • Spectacles • History

Super Supras

The story behind Cubitts’ first supra silhouette.

Sunglasses • Spectacles

Welcome, Cedar.

Introducing our saddle-bridged take on the classic Bidborough.

Spectacles • Collaborations

London Craft Week 2019

Another year, another batch of budding spectacle makers.

Spectacles • Workshop • Collaborations

A Frame for Walala

Watch the making of our Walala-inspired frame in the Cubitts workshop.