Viva Vitsœ

Viva Vitsœ

Those who are firm believers that ‘good design is as little design as possible’ are likely to be familiar with the furniture powerhouse that is Vitsœ. 

Established over half a century ago, their modern, functional furnishings and storage solutions have garnered fans across the globe. Fans that include the team at Cubitts. Which is why when we moved into our new headquarters in King’s Cross, a beautifully simple 606 Universal Shelving System from Vitsœ was the first thing we installed. 

So in love we were with our new shelves, we decided to make a pilgrimage up to Royal Leamington Spa, paying our respects at the altar of good design, a.k.a. Vitsœ’s shiny new factory. 

The vast, sky-lit building takes Vitsœ’s modular approach and fuses it with the knowledge of everyone from engineers and architects to yacht designers. The end result is an adaptable workspace designed to connect with the surrounding landscape, its towering glass windows allowing daylight and the sight of swaying trees to flood inside. 

Efficient, environmentally friendly, and incredibly calm for a fully functioning factory, we left in awe of Vitsœ’s thoughtful approach to their own four walls - and of their in-house chef and his excellent lemon drizzle loaf. 

Photography by Dirk Lindner, courtesy of Vitsœ.